Sunday, 12 April 2009

My Eve video is finally done

Hurrah i say. I have recently completed editing my video and have posted it up onto evetube here
and the forum topic can be found here

It took a while to do purely down to my inexperience, but despite my lazyness i managed to finally finish it. Now that ive got the general gist of making EVE videos i hope to dish out a few more. I really wanna base my videos around unused ships, so if you have any suggestions as to which ship i should explore next (mainly amarr and caldari) please feel free to let me know.

In other news i have rarely been playing any more than a hour here or there, and my nervousness in fights begins to return as i realise im outta practice. I hope to play alot more but EVE is very much a tertiary dedication for me at the moment.

I don't know if you've heard about the United km fakery scandal, but rather than me jumping on the hate the united bandwagon, i'd prefer instead to have a deep in detail analysis on whether or not faking killmails is acceptable for any reason.

Nope can't think of one.

Keep an eye out for more intellectual debates from me in the future. Fly safe folks o7


  1. Loved the video, mate. I've been away on holiday for a bit. What's this scandal?

  2. I completely forgot about EVE Tube, thanks for reminding me!
    Loving the video, what did you use to edit it?

    Wensley: I haven't heard about it either but I think this might be something to do with it.

    Looks like they've been editing their killmails to make it look like they've been killing more valuable ships.
    As with all scandals though, there may be more to it.

  3. Update:

    Looks like they've been editing them to make it seem like they lost to bigger ships (i.e. making them seem better than their killboards show them to be).
    Sorry for the comment spamming, I wish Blogger would allow comment editing.

  4. heres the main thread wens: