Sunday, 1 March 2009

My apologies dear readers

Gosh 2 weeks since my last blog post. Scary indeed. Fear not I have not abandoned this blog. Lack of internet connection has resulted in me getting no fights. The reason for this is i replaced my BT
home hub, and it was acting up. But now it is all sorted, this week I shall start killing things again however that would mainly be rats. I wish to raise my security status in preperation for my partial change in career. I will still be pirating to my hearts content, however I need a high status in order to buy my ships cheaply. I dont think it wll take me longer than three days to raise my sec to -1.9.

Another reason for this grinding for sec status is the fact I am setting up a new corporation as I mentioned in previous posts. I plan on it beng a privateering corp, that is pirates who take an occasional contract. I think i shall limit the amount of members to about 20 at most, as I prefer to know people in a corp well rather than having an endless tide of people I dont know. I have named the corp Seerauber Vereinigung, which means quite simply privateer corporation in German.

This will be joining my freinds alliance. The alliance will not be focused as such, there will be industry and missioning corps along with more bloodthirsty peoples. SV's duty will be to offer protection to the other corporations if they need it in return for a tidy cut of their profit. As i said before i will not be giving up on the pirating lifestyle. In fact i think i will get more targets with my non flashy status as when i first joined the Tuskers. I was constantly attacked at gates and stations because i have a sexy arse and everyone wants a piece of it.

Keep your eye on this blog, things will change especially with the new expansion which will hopefully offer more lucrative oppertunities for the likes of me


  1. Good luck with the new life, Kor. I'm going to find that Maller of yours and pew it at some point :)

  2. hehe. I'll look forward to it