Thursday, 29 January 2009

It's a new dawn, It's a new day, and I'm feeling AWESOME!

Today is thursday, and today there will be pew. I woke up this morning at 6.30 this morning, I was cold and very hungry. Some of you lazy buggers will be saying 6.30 thats crazy holmes. Normally I would agree, but I had my final exam to do at 8.30 after which I resubbed. It was unnaturally dark all through the morning, perhaps even the God's mourn at my return. But return I shall, and fire shall rain down from the heavens as I carve a path through the heathen armies of the carebear. Ok, i'll stop that now but before I get to talking about my first day back in the game, other events must be adressed.

First of all my work on my first official eve video begins, I have prepared the frame of the video including song list, duration, and more bothersome things. All that I have to do now is to make some good fresh fraps material and plug it in to the video slots. I will be using sony vegas pro for this video, just as soon as my brother gets me a copy (a legal one *cough*). The sheet of paper that I taped to my desk is still holding up nicely and with any luck the big glaring letters will remind me to simply press the F9 button, hopefully.

I have been watching the recent qualification rounds of the alliance tournament 6 and i have been enjoying them quite a bit. I have to give a thumbs up to CCP for reducing the usage of logistic ships. I absolutely hated the dual logistic setups, which in turn made many many fights incredibly boring. I was quite pleased with the duration of the fights as well, where one side dominates the other. Nothing quite as entertaining as watching a team getting wiped out in such a short space of time. One thing that has has suprised me was the success of the militia teams except the minmatar, lol slaves. Despite their success I'd still like to see the factional warfare teams to only use the ships belonging to their own races, I think its a bit more characterful and could make some interesting fights. While ghosting the eve-o forums regarding the tournament I picked up on the complaint that the start stop commands are not that clear. This resulted in several players jumping the gun and geting penalised for it. I think you have to be pretty damn stupid to start a fight 7 minutes before its scheduled, but then again EVE is full of idiots so CCP better go ahead and clarify things futher.

So for the first time in a while I logged back into EVE, and it was a good day, nay a great day. In the first day (couple of hours) I have done over 500M in damages without a loss. Here is what happened: realising I had very little isk I picked up my Devoter with the purpose of selling it (no isk to fit it). I was also invited to go on a Tuskers roam so i had to get a ship together asap. Luckily Ka Jolo informed me that he had a Maller with my setup on his alt. This was great news, I delivered my Devoter to Hevrice and traded it in exchange for three fully fitted mallers. One was ready now, the rest I have to get another time. With the fleet set up, consisting of a maller, vexor, ishkur, and two incursuses, we set off from our headquarters. I had been picked to act as scout due to my tank, and I was an easy target (lol).

The engagements went as follows:

1. I jumped into a system, with the rest of the gang on the other side. Sitting at the gate was a non flashy Lachiesis. This meant my gang couldn't get involved without coming under attack from the sentries. Grimly I decloaked and sought to approach the lachiesis. As expected he agressed and locked me down, but, and its big but, he strayed into web range. He was dual webbed and scrammed (close range module for extra tears). I slowly broke through his buffer shield tank, all the while he was doing respectable dps for a recon ship. Unfortunately respectable dps wasn't enough and he quickly popped, I was left with 70% armour. Scooping the loot I docked and got my repairs, even more eager to continue the roam.

2. Again I was on my own as I scouted out a system. Warping to a station to scan down the nearby belts I came across a non flashy Taranis 50km away from me. He quickly locked and MWD'ed towards me. We scrammed and webbed each other at the same time, but he must have been suprised at my damage, as he failed to shoot or release his drones before he exploded into a million fragments. Nice.

3. After failing to bait another interceptor at a belt in another system, I called the gang in. Local soon spiked and the other guys were ordered to dock in order to not spook the guys that just came in. There was a Curse on scan but he was smart and recognised the trap. A duo of a Lachiesis and a Rapier however failed to check local and warped on top of me, at 0. This would not have seemed so silly if it wern't for the fact the Lachiesis was fitted with damps and rail, and the Rapier is primarily a kiting ship. The Lachiesis was tackled and was taking heavy damage, when the gang came in and unfortunately the rapier bolted. The Lachiesis popped and we once again scooped the loot. Damn gang members muscled in on my kill ;D.

4. After the aformentioned fight we repped up and prepared to move out. At this point Cap'n Tickles called over vent that he was under attack from a non flashy rupture. I warped to the station willing to agress under sentries to help my gang mate. Unfortunately the large station placed me 30km away so I couldn't do anything. All that was lost was a cheap incursus. But this was not the point, we would have vengeance on this agressor. Ka Jolo docked up and climbed into his myrm. I provoked the rupture into agressing me and we duked it out. By about the time the rupture was in half armour, Ka Jolo was able to undock and attack the rupture (the myrm tanking the sentries reasonably well. The rupture de-agressed hoping to re-dock, in response I loaded up my conflags and let her rip. A nice blue flash was our reward. Not content, the Rupture pilot would be in our next engagement.

5. We passed through a few more systems with no luck, then we looped back round to head back to HQ. As always I went first, and picked up a Harbinger on scan. I warped to the nearby belt to bait him, and I was almost about to give up when he shows up on overview. To my surprise it was the Rupture pilot from before. We tackled each other and slugged it out. My friends jumped into the system and warped to me. Only seconds after my gang landed, a Falcon uncloaked 100km away from us. He jammed me pretty much permanently, but it wasn't enough as my freinds all had him pointed (Cap'n Tickles was now flying a Thorax). The remaining Incursus pilot attempted to go after the Falcon, who promptly fled, but unfortunately for Aldour he was too far away to help kill the Ishtar that had arrived on the scene. Free from the jammer, I was able to tackle the Ishtar before he could get away. The Harb popped to the torrent of blaster fire that assailed it, and the Ishtar followed suit soon after, not seeming to have any form of tank. Once again we collected the loot as the Falcon returned too late to save his friends. He fled once again, and we got to split the spoils, of which there was many, including some faction bits and pieces and officer DNA and tags. A t1 frigate and cruiser gang (with the exeption of Jolo's Ishkur) killing a Battlecruiser and HAC without a loss, is pretty decent in my books.

So my first day has ended, and the eye of the God's rest upon my armoured shoulders as I spill blood viciously and with glee. Hopefully this is an omen of times to come, but the best thing was the fact I frapsed pretty much all of it. At this rate my video will be finished in no time. More pew will follow so please keep an eye out for updates.

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