Thursday, 22 January 2009

Blogs. Serious business. Retrospective Pt .1

Hello and welcome to my first blog, and about internet spaceships no less. I have been playing EVE since late 2007, so i still consider myself to be a fairly young player. However in the year and a bit that I have been playing I have made enemies, good freinds, had plenty of stupid moments, and plenty of great fights. I have very much been a casual player at this point due to the usual troubles of a teenage lad, exams, trying to find a job, and other engaging activities. Though with the advent of financial stability (including a new job and plans to go to university), my daily schedule has become more routine and enables me to have more time making carebears cry. I plan to engage myself in my favorite hobby and all the side projects that could result from it, including this blog and getting round to make some decent bloody videos.

As I've not been playing EVE that much for the past month or so, I thought I'd begin with some general e-peen waving, and a little back story. To say I began playing eve at the end of 07, is actually a lie. I played with another account on and off for about 6 months before that. A gallente character. Or more precisely a badly skilled lulworthy gallente character. I made the mistake that many new players made, and indeed continue to make, by trying to fly every ship I can afford, without relevant support skills, bad fits, etc. Suffice to say that character got biomassed after intense frustration with 0.0 fleet warfare (still hate 0.0 to this day).

I then decided to make an entirely new account and start over. Thus Kor anon was born. Despite being warned about the general crappyness of Amarr at the time, I went ahead anyway because Amarr ships are quite sexy looking. I also promised to myself that i would not make the same mistakes again. Thanks to some helpful forum-goers i got the basic skill list that every new player should have. Over the net few months I absolutely refused to move up in ship class until i had pretty maxed out the skills i needed. This helped me when it came to getting into fights, as despite being a fairly new player my skills were in all the right places.

Two months in i still had not found my place in New Eden. I had tried 0.0, high sec and missioning was frustratingly boring. Do what else was there? Piracy of course. I still recall my first kill. I had warped in on an incursus accidentally, but stuck around to have some fun. The pilot was quite a bit older than me, having an almost full t2 fit, while I was stuck in my t1 autocannon punisher. I approached the target and engaged. For the first 20 seconds of the fight it seemed as if the other player was afk, or perhaps too suprised for any intelligent thought. When he finally got round to attacking back I took some hefty damage. My single armour rep was tanking some of the damage but my armour was gradually getting lower and lower. However it was too little too late as the incursus popped casting shrapnel all over the place. Minutes later, after i had stopped shaking uncontrolably i scooped the t2 goodies that dropped and docked up. The loot worth wasnt much maybe 1.5M tops, but it was enough to buy a couple more ships.

Saying that i was hooked from then on would be a fallacy, as it was only until a few fights later that I had found my destiny (you can almost smell the cheese). By this time i had grown reasonably proficient with the onboard scanner. I picked up a kestrel, two coercers, and a comorant at a belt. There was no other people in the system but us 5, so i checked their info. All were pretty young, two were a week old, the other three were only a little bit older than me. After mulling it over for a short while I thought 'what the hell'. It had been a long day without any kills and I wanted to have at least some fun before I logged off for the night. Warping in i found that the two coercers were mining about 30km away from me, and it appeared that the others (kestrel 5km from me, and comorant 40km from me) were on guard duty. Activating my afterburner I locked, scrambled, and swiftly dispatched the kestrel, only taking a bit of shield damage. I then moved after the coercers, who still hadn't moved. The comorant however had noticed his freinds demise and wasn't entirely happy, he began to smack in local but i was too far into bloodletting mode to give a toss. I finally caught up to the coercers and began attacking one, bringing his shield and armour down pretty quickly. By this time the other coercer and the comorant were in weapons range and doing significant damage. When the first coercer popped I decided now was the time to bolt and run, and remarkably due to the fact I was unpointed, I got away deep into structure. However I was not done yet, I wanted more death, and more pretty explosions. Keeping an eye on the scanner I waited for my armour to rep, and for my capacitor to charge a bit. The guys were still at the belt according to the scanner, though I could of guessed that from the various 'lol coward' and 'comeback pussy' in local. A minute later when I felt confident I warped back in. I immediately locked the second coercer who had moved in to collect the kestrel loot, but it seemed he was already in the process of warping and got out. The comorant had more balls and began attacking me as i burned towards him. His bonus to optimal being a right pain in the backside. But by the time i got to him he had failed to do enough damage to worry me. I finally got within shooting distance, and began to do some damage. By the time the comorant was at 60% armour his friend warped back on top of us, and began attacking me. Not long after, the comorant popped and I was able to turn my guns on the coercer. another minute later we was both into structure despite the fact half his gun ports were occupied by mining lasers. I had run out of cap too so there was little chance of repair, yet as I hit 10% structure my fourth adversary was finally destroyed. If you were in my house at the time, you would have been deafened by the screams of joy, and driven insane by the sexy dance I performed for myself infront of my PC.

Kor anon, the pirate had a definate ring to it at the time and for the next few months I solo pirated in my punisher and later my retribution. However it was also a lonely time for me as I was corp-less, had little isk, and was hated by the carebears and do-gooders that lived around my local hunting ground.

End of Part 1.


  1. My alt, Korannon, is suing you for copyright infringement.


  2. haha are you sure you just didn't name him after me?