Tuesday, 5 May 2009

FOR SALE mwhahah

Due to boredom I have decided that I wish to sell Kor Anon to a lucky person.

Fact sheet:

-1.97 security status
no bounty
currently located in murethand, but can be moved to where ever is needed.
2 kill rights nothing life threatening soon to end anyway

assets included in sale:

rigged and fitted Navy augoror ( ~200M)
Harbinger (NPC fit for serpentis) (~60M)
MAller of doom (~27M)
Various modules of T2 or better quality (200M+)
200 Medium pulse II's (~200M)

If anyone is interested in this character please take a visit to the character bazaar here

This does not mean i will be quitting EVE far from it, but rather i wish to begin again under a new guise. Regretably this will put an end to There will be pew, however i am not done blogging. One day you may happen upon an exciting blog, it might just be me.

Fly safe folks and thanks for reading.


  1. Are you allowed to sell EVE characters?

  2. @EVE Agent, yes you are. But only for ISK.

    Kor, shame to see the end of the finest Maller pilot I knew. If/when your new identity is up and running do pop into The Tuskers Public Channel and say hi!

  3. Yes And I am the luck buyer... :) Just waiting for toon transfer...lol. Great toon by the way