Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lady luck is fickle creature (read: total bitch) + weekly report 2

I am feeling a little sad, dear readers. Why? A bad start to the week, and a grand total of 0 kills so far has made me feel inadequate. Three losses for me in two days, two harbingers and a maller so far. The maller loss was remarkably irritating as i lost a likely Rapier kill in the process. The fight began with me about to jump into Aeschee when a non flashy rapier appears at the gate. Not wanting to jump through to a certain slow and very boring death, I decided to warp back to the Hevrice gate. The rapier followed and this time aggressed me. Ignoring the little dps he was putting out i decided to stay, and try and get him to bump me off the gate. He tried and I gave him a taste of his own medicine. He grinded almost to a halt, as i stripped his shield (overheat is very nice, but heat damage bar is bugged). By the time I got him to 25% shield he was only 6km away from me and would not be able to escape me. Then the gate flashed, and a Megathron de-cloaked 15km away. I asked him not to interfere, but he does, robbing me of a sweet kill (one of my goals is to solo kill a rapier, I've not killed one yet in gang or otherwise).

The two harbinger losses were bad. Bad in a sense that they died pretty much as soon as i bought them. The first dying to a Russian gang after i fell for their bait (should have guessed by the number of guys in local, but hey ho). This was about 20 minutes after buying it. The second died even quicker on Tuesday. It died within 5 minutes of buying it, to a BS and BC gang, one jump from where i picked it up from. Now short on ships as the local market has declined, so that I cannot get essential modules, I have placed an order with a fellow Tusker to bring me a fleet of ships. The Tusker's logistical support is really something special.

In other news, I have been added to Mr. Crazy Kinux's awesomely extensive blogroll and mentioned in his latest speedlinking post here. He has also kindly told me that my blog will get a mention in the next Micro warp cast! I feel great to be welcomed into the EVE online blogging community in such a manner, and has given that extra little motivation to provide more good tales of glory and honour as an EVE online pirate.

Apologies for the unusually short post, but things better take a turn for the better during the week or else I may have to find a new diety. You can find out by reading my next weekly report, please keep the comments coming.

I am gonna have to cheat and just tack on this weekly report onto this blog post due to the fact this week I have done very little pvp. I have already told you about the poor luck i had at the beginning of the week. In response to this I decided to pop into 0.0 raise my sec a bit and earn some isk. Yes a little bit of carebearing but dont tell anyone! I am still flashy but dropped just over two points. I was focusing mainly on getting some isk, and i earnt over 150M, most of that coming from some nice faction drops. By saturday evening Bfoster informed me that the delivery of my order had been made, the bill was about half a billion but I also gave him a little extra for the trouble.

On Sunday I got back to HQ and began pirating again, it was a decent day at best. The first engagement was against a thorax pilot alot more experienced than I. I dictated range forcing him to switch to long range ammo, losing a large portion of his dps in the process. He also had a large plate and medium repper, this was bad news for me as active tanks are the bane of my existance. However despite his huge buffer and repper, I managed to pull through and destroyed him with just under half structure left.

The second engagement was not the most fantastic of fights, but it got me a nice kill. After repping after the thorax kill, I undocked and was agressed by a raptor circling me at 20km. I ignored it as it was merely a buzzing fly, non threatening but very irritating. I remained as i knew he had friends both in the system and in adjacent ones. His freind who was in the system arrived on the scene in a taranis. He locked and began to attack me, however he remained in web range, and you can pretty much guess what happened next. Lock, scram, web, boom. A quick check of the km reveals rigs that cost as much as the ship itself. I've personally never understood rigging small ships that die so very quickly, but i must be blind because so many people do it.

The third engagement involved an old rival of mine, I say rival but I mean a person that I feared early in my career. This guy (not gonna name for privacy's sake) used to roll around in ships that i never used to be able to match, and ive lost count of the amount of times Ive had to run from his curses. On this occasion he was in an omen which warped to me at a belt. A corp mate of mine also landed at the same time in his punisher (pure chance, he didnt know who was at belt) Unfortunately the punisher died quickly, and it was just me vs the omen. Now I usually think that the omens role is to stay far away and take out support in a gang, but this omen was fit for close range and wasnt the glass cannon i expected. We both took chunks out of each others armor, but his tank failed, and I got a nice killmail.

The final engagement was against a harpy and a thrasher at a station. The harpy was close range fit, and that doesn't do to well against me. His shield soon broke and a nice explosion followed. The thrasher already 30km away decided to bug out. He would return later, only to dock and bring out an Eos for me to hide from. He got bored very quickly and I managed to get out and have some fun. I encountered a few camps later on but managed to escape unscathed.

Damage done:

142,280,062 isk

Ships killed in gang:


ships killed solo:

taranis, thorax, harpy

damage recieved:

153,348,216 isk (69,348,216 isk after insurance)

Ships lost to gang:

maller, 2x harbinger

Ships lost solo:


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